Power Retrieval & the Middle World

In this workshop students expand their understanding of shamanic practice and strengthen their relationship with guides. This class deepens students’ understanding of balancing power and navigating safely in the Middle World.

This workshop will:

• Offer a deeper understanding of the connection between the ordinary aspect of the Middle World, the world in which we are currently living, and the non-ordinary aspect of the Middle World.
• Introduce students to the dynamics of power in the shamanic context, including how to recognize symptoms of power loss, the causes of power loss, and how to remedy it.
• Instruct students in how to serve others with shamanic healing techniques and provide opportunities for supervised practice.

You will find this workshop especially beneficial if you:

• Seek to fully step into your power from a place of integrity, and want to support others as they do the same.
• Wish to further deepen your connection with sources of spiritual guidance.
• Want to better understand the influence of non-ordinary aspects of reality on your everyday experience.
• Wish to discover more fully how service to others can be a path of self-transformation.


The Shamanic Journey

Workshop Details:

Tuition: $325

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Event Date/Time
Power Retrieval & the Middle World (Distance Learning)
Distance Learning, Call in from Anywhere, Worldwide

Fri, November 8, 2019
Days and Times May Vary

Power Retrieval & the Middle World
Sacred Stream Center, Berkeley, CA

Sat, October 17, 2020 - Sun, October 18, 2020
10:00 am - 4:00 pm