Shamanic Dreaming and Dream Yoga

Dreaming practices are at the heart of many ancient healing and wisdom traditions. Shamans are often recognized for their powerful ability to dream. And in Tibetan Buddhism, the art of dream yoga brings the dreamer into contact with deeper aspects of the self and extends the meditative state into the dream state.

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of shamanic forms of dreaming and dream yoga and learn how to apply these methods in working with your own dreams. This workshop will help you deepen your ability to access inner guidance and engage it in your waking life. You will learn how to interpret dreams and recognize emotional and energetic patterns held within all dream images. You will see how you can apply the information you receive from your dreams to create a deeply personalized spiritual practice. Counseling professionals will find these practices useful in helping their clients make strides in their therapeutic process.

This workshop will:

• Help you improve your ability to interpret the images and teachings of dreams.
• Help you learn how to track energetic patterns held in dreams.
• Help you work with dreams to create a blueprint for understanding normally hard-to-access information held deep within the psyche.

You will find this workshop especially beneficial if you:

• Have had powerful dreams you want to understand and use for self-transformation.
• Want to support your clients in accessing their own guidance.
• Better understand the connections between your dreaming experience and your everyday life.

Workshop Details:

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