Huna: Aka-Mana Patterns

Blog: Huna: Aka-Mana Patterns

By Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D.

The idea of Aka and Mana is drawn from Huna, a tradition of knowledge that has been stored in Hawaii for the last thousand years or so. According to its oral history, it was brought to Hawaii for conservation in times of darkness. You can trace the progression of Huna from northern Africa, all the way to India, and throughout Melanesia. This system of knowledge has become incorporated into certain native practices of Hawaiian Shamanism.
Aka is translated as “etheric mind stuff.” You can think about Aka as a building material for structures in non-ordinary reality— that is, the subtle aspects of reality we cannot perceive with our conscious minds. Mana is translated as “power,” or a “voltage of power.” Mana is the energy that enlivens Aka structures.
Another way you can think about Aka and Mana is to think about a plumbing system in a house. Although you’re likely unaware of the pipes moving through your house, they always exist. You only become aware of the pipes when you turn on a faucet and water emerges. In this example, the water is the Mana and the pipes are the Aka. When you’re creating a thought, you are creating an Aka-Mana pattern.

Think about someone you love and are loved by. When you feel into the love that exists between you and try to imagine what it might look like, there is information there. You may never have focused there before, but if you consider the energetic patterns that run between you, you will immediately sense the Aka-Mana patterns. You might perceive the patterns in a variety of ways. They may be quite symmetrical, or filled with bright colors. The geometric pattern is the Aka, and the colors are the Mana.
You can contrast that to an Aka-Mana pattern in a relationship where there is mutual judgment or dislike. You can sense that the patterns are different than the ones running between you and the person you love. The patterns will likely be irregular, and in terms of Mana, there is not going to be the same palette of color running through them.
Aka and Mana are fundamental to understanding how the subtle level of experience drives physical reality. Thought forms are composed of patterns that hold particular types of Mana. For instance, if you have an intention to harm, that intention to harm is held in a thought pattern. The pattern is the Aka, and the intention is the Mana. Once you start tuning in to Aka-Mana patterns, you will discover there is a serious traffic jam going on in non-ordinary reality.
Karmic patterns are composed of Aka-Mana patterns, and are one of many types of Aka-Mana patterns that exist. Karmic patterns emerge from the way a person cycles Mana. The victim-perpetrator dynamic is a common pattern people have, where they tend to respond to reality as if reality is attacking them. The thought is the Mana, and there is an Aka pattern that holds the thought, which then creates a thought pattern. This is the prism they walk around with as they live their lives, and they are interpreting all of their experience through that prism.
Everyone has filters driven by the way they cycle energy. Energy is Mana, and Mana can be a function of your will. It can also be a function of any shade of emotion. Every time you respond to something by cycling energy through the Aka-Mana pattern of victimhood for example, you increase the force of that pattern. Over time, as this way of cycling energy becomes more entrenched, it can become a Karmic pattern. Karmic patterns are subtle and non-manifest on a physical level, but they drive all physical manifestation. It is the dissolution of Karmic patterns that leads to liberation from suffering.


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