Homeopathy with Corey Weinstein

Homeopathy in the Home

Homeopathic remedies can be used effectively and safely in the home for common conditions. To be effective it is important to have a strong foundation in the basic principles of homeopathic care. Building on the solid ground of the Similar Principle, the Totality of Symptoms and use of the Minimum Dose, we will study specific conditions and a variety of remedies commonly used for individual and family care. How to gather the necessary information is as crucial as the study of remedies. Case taking skills will be an important part of our focus. Also, the Red Flags of Home Care will help clarify when home care has reached its limit so that each person can feel comfortable and confident in caring for their loved ones and friends. The course will be tailored to the interests and experience of the students gathered at the first meeting.

Corey Weinstein, MD practiced homeopathy in the Bay Area for 42 years before retiring in July of 2017. He provided medical care informed by the great diagnostic and urgent care tools of standard medicine, and the deep wisdom of nature cure and homeopathy. In 1975 he was among the founders of the Hering Family Health Clinic, a homeopathic community clinic in Berkeley, CA. Dr. Weinstein served as Vice President of the American Institute of Homeopathy and Treasurer of the California State Homeopathic Medical Society. He taught at the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy and taught the AIH Primary Care Homeopathy Course to physicians in San Francisco.

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