The Symptom is the Teacher with Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D.

This 90-minute class is part of an online conference called “Tracing Trauma – On the Science & Somatics of Healing Trauma” which will be presented by Embodied Philosophy between April 12 and 14, 2019

In this class we will look at the different ways in which trauma can make itself known. We will learn how symptoms of imbalance such as addiction and eating disorders offer information about deeper patterns that can be responses to unrecognized trauma. We will explore how the methods of Depth Hypnosis follow symptoms somatically to their root causes – and learn how the catalytic processes in this model offer resolution of the symptoms by changing people’s relationship to them at their root. We will explore different hypnotherapeutic approaches including how the use of suggestion hypnosis and regression therapy can be combined with shamanic forms of healing such as soul retrieval and power retrieval to create a powerful engine for addressing trauma. We will also look at how forgotten, suppressed or repressed trauma can announce itself in dreams, plant medicine circles or seemingly anomalous encounters – and we will learn how to approach the interpretation of these events in order to understand the nature of the trauma and choose the right interventions to bring about its resolution. In all these cases, the presenting symptoms become teachers about our deeper experience – and we will learn how to recognize the keys to healing that lie at the heart of even the most difficult kinds of presentations.


This class is part of a larger series of talks offered through Embodied Philosophy. Visit for additional information and registration.

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