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On the Air: Divine Insight Podcast: Coming to Peace – Resolving Conflict Within Ourselves and With Others – Dr. Isa Gucciardi

On the Divine Insight Podcast, host Travis Taylor takes a compassionate and enlightened approach and accesses all aspects of being to provide guidance and insight that empowers and inspires clients and students around the country. During his show, he provides intuitive, spiritual, and practical information and techniques that listeners may use to access and develop their unique gifts and multi-sensory abilities and create abundance in all aspects of their lives. Each week Travis brings a heightened divine approach to health, healing, and wellness in all areas of listeners’ lives.

Episode Description: The essence of resolution lies in the recognition of the deep and unbroken connectedness that we share as human beings. Dr. Gucciardi, with Laura Chandler, scripted a groundbreaking book showing how the processes of Coming to Peace meet those in conflict and provide them a pathway to reconciliation and wholeness. Though best known for her innovative and powerful Depth Hypnosis technique, Dr. Gucciardi shares insights she’s gained through decades of experience with clients, and integrating Buddhist and contemporary psychologies with Native American Shamanic practices. Learn how to take radical self-responsibility to learn to live your life with courage, acceptance, and joy, in this not to be missed show!

Divine Insight airs live on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm PST and again on Thursdays at 6:30 am PST. Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes via iTunes. For additional information, visit divineinsight.com.

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