Depth Hypnosis Workshops





Introduction to Depth Hypnosis
Learn and practice transformative suggestion hypnosis techniques within a transpersonal context.

Depth Hypnosis Foundation Course
Know yourself more deeply and move forward on your path more powerfully while learning innovative techniques for supporting personal transformation.

Advanced Depth Hypnosis
Learn nuances and develop new skills for using the DH Method, including working with children, couples, and family systems and innovative community mediation techniques.

Next Steps in Depth Hypnosis
Increase confidence and competence in essential techniques of the DH Method with supervised practice in a small group.

Depth Hypnosis Supervisory
Get feedback and advice from Isa Gucciardi Ph.D., the developer of the DH Method, about your Depth Hypnosis work with clients.

Special Topics in Depth Hypnosis
This workshop is designed to help Depth Hypnosis students hone their practice skills as well as delve into questions that may be arising in their personal practice with DH methodology.

Spiritual Direction Class for Ministers
This class helps you better understand the issues that arise in assisting others through spiritual direction, helps you understand the role of officiant in ceremonies, and helps you fine tune your intention in serving in these capacities.