Continuing Education in Advanced Applied Shamanism

The Continuing Education workshops in Advanced Applied Shamanism provide an ever-deepening, step-by step series of practices and initiations that are designed to bring students gently but firmly into direct contact with the world of spirit and universal power. In these courses we revisit the techniques learned in the Advanced Applied Shamanism retreats, and we show you how to take them further into your own transformative process and how to deepen your level of service to others with them.

Workshop: Working with Weather Spirits and The Elements
The primary goal in all shamanic practice is to bring the affairs of humans into balance with the affairs of nature. When human activity creates imbalances in the natural world, there is work to be done to correct these imbalances. This continuing education workshop offers you practices for more deeply aligning yourself with the forces of nature and offers tools to help restore balance to the places in the nature that have been negatively affected by human activity. Special focus will be on understanding effective ways of working non-locally with guidance, working with the five elements of water, air, fire, earth and space, understanding the role of weather spirits, and the role of ritual and ceremony in creating effective strategies for change. After attending this workshop, you will be able to work with advanced shamanic practices to positively affect issues such as climate change, water and soil pollution, deforestation, and chemical contamination.

Workshop: Deepening the Practice
In this continuing education workshop, we will review such techniques as the Journey in Two Worlds, the Three-in-One Journey, working with the drum as an instrument of healing, the importance of ritual and its hidden processes, and more. We will extend our understanding of soul retrieval techniques and learn how to apply them to the important work of collective soul retrieval, we will review and examine the deeper implications of the Circles for the Earth work, revisit the journeys on personal intentionality and learn how they support and strengthen the work that needs to be done to help stabilize the community during these challenging times. We will also continue the important investigation into the nature of time that we began in the 2012 class work.


Advanced Applied Shamanism, and all current prerequisites for Advanced Applied Shamanism.

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