Rays (Energy)

A Meeting of the Ways with Diane Solomon

Diane Solomon, host of A Meeting of the Ways on KKUP, and Isa Gucciardi discuss the fundamental principles of working with the energy of light and sound in the healing environment.

Energy Medicine

By Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D.

We tend to think of ourselves as material beings, interacting with material objects – but if you think about it, much of your reality is strongly influenced by the unseen. Are your thoughts material? Are your emotions material? How much of your reality is influenced by your thoughts and emotions? Is there anything that you do that you have not thought about before doing? Is there anything that you do that you don’t have feelings about?

Case Study: Combining Energy Medicine and Past Life Regression Techniques

By Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D.

My work takes me to many times and places in my clients’ psyches. During this work, I use many tools to help people discover the origin of the problems they seek help with. One of the most valuable tools is the use of rays of energy. Vedic science, tantric Buddhist healing practices, and other schools of energy medicine articulate many methods of working with rays to create change in the psyche. When dealing with deep issues within the psyche, it is often impossible to address them by any other method than with rays. This is because ray work can effect change beyond the realm of words or even images.

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