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The Four Immeasurables Retreat

Join Lama Tsomo in an intimate weekend workshop in Berkeley focusing on the Tibetan Buddhist practice of the Four Immeasurables. This workshop is about transforming your life by learning to cultivate a limitless heart.

Love and compassion aren’t just feelings—they are capacities we all have the ability to cultivate. Yet the trappings of modern times often distract us. How can we open our hearts to experience an expansive sense of love and true connection?

Shamata, the Tibetan Buddhist Practice of Calm Abiding

Before the rush of the holidays set in, take a weekend to slow down, find your center, and experience the joy available in all seasons. Join Tibetan master teacher and scholar Namchak Khen Rinpoche for an intimate weekend meditation retreat focused on the foundational practice of Calm Abiding meditation, or Shamata.

The Shamata retreat will be a blend of teaching and practice with the aim of cultivating more calm and center in your life. In his profound yet humorous style, Khen Rinpoche will teach you how to build the backbone of your meditation practice and provide tangible ways to embody compassion, joy, and courage so you show up as your best self at work, home, and in relationships.

This retreat is perfect for beginner and experienced meditators alike!

The Lotus & The Rose: An Evening with Matthew Fox and Lama Tsomo

Join co-authors Matthew Fox and Lama Tsomo as they discuss how their traditions provide the medicine we need to navigate contemporary life. Following a brief reading from their new book, The Lotus & The Rose, the authors will engage in a dialogue and share practices you can use in everyday life.


Ahhhmuse is Marilyn and Tohmas Twintreess, two beautiful beings who have listened directly to spirit daily…for decades. They travel internationally, offering thousands of living crystals, quantum-leap workshops, evolutionary tools, spiritual books, sentient gems, superfood elixirs, amazing singing bowls, and glorious jewelry. As stone guardians and listeners, they work directly with elementals and the plant/mineral/animal kingdoms, helping evolving humans learn how to connect directly with spirit in extraordinary ways. Being with Ahhhmuse is a profound experience – it isn’t just being in the presence of so many thousands of crystals or beautiful resources – it’s about how they listen deeply to each person, to assist that being with exactly what they need in the moment they’re in.

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