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Buddhism in Action Part 2: A Depth Hypnosis Case Study

By Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D.

Most of us are very attached to having what we want happen and preventing what we don’t want from happening. But when we try to create a life in this way, we develop misconceptions about ourselves and the people and world around us. In the Depth Hypnosis method, when considering the issue a client presents and their emotional history, practitioners draw upon this Buddhist idea that we suffer when we are unaware of the way our attachments and aversions drive our behavior, or when we have misconceptions about what our life presents to us and about what that might mean for us.

A Meeting of the Ways with Diane Solomon and Isa Gucciardi

Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D., and Diane Solomon, host of A Meeting of the Ways, discuss the similarities and differences between the experience of the altered state of consciousness in Depth Hypnosis, Dreams, and Plant Medicine, focusing particularly on the way each of these methods of accessing broader consciousness can provide a path to healing and insight.

Thupten Jinpa Podcast

This month Laura reaches back into the Sacred Stream archives for an interview she did with Thupten Jinpa when he was on his book tour for A Fearless Heart. The interview was impromptu and took place at Laura’s kitchen table, where she talked to Jinpa about his work with H.H. Dalai Lama, CCare, the Compassion Studies, and his perspective on generating more compassion in the world. This episode also contains a talk Jinpa gave at the Sacred Stream Center on Language and Reality. The featured music is from the Monks of Gaden Shartse Dokhang, Jinpa’s former monastery, and their album, The Sacred Chants of Tibet.

Working with Psychoptropic Plants

Isa Gucciardi and Laura Chandler discuss the way shamans have worked with plant medicine and the way people are working with plants like ayahuasca, psilocybin, peyote, and iboga today. They also examine the problems that arise with integrating the altered state experience and examine how Depth Hypnosis can be a helpful for people working with psychotropic plants that wish to experience deeper integration. This interview takes place at the Sacred Stream Center in Berkeley, CA.

Altered States and Depth Hypnosis

Isa Gucciardi and Laura Chandler discuss the way that altered states, such as meditation, guided visualization, hypnosis, and the shamanic journey, are used in the highly effective therapeutic model, Depth Hypnosis. This interview takes place at the Sacred Stream Center in Berkeley, CA.

Coming to Peace Book Tour

Isa will be offering a series of book readings and signings all around the Bay Area for her new book, Coming to Peace, in the upcoming months. The resolution process of Coming to Peace is unique because it offers ways of mediating external conflicts with others, as well as methods for recognizing and addressing the places where we may be out of balance within ourselves.

Buddhism in Action Part 1: Depth Hypnosis and Buddha Nature

By Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D.

Depth Hypnosis is a spiritual counseling model that integrates many principles from Buddhist thought and practice with hypnotherapy, earth-based methods of healing, and transpersonal psychology. The Depth Hypnosis methodology rests upon the understanding that all imbalance is simply information about the way the person has twisted away from their essential nature, or what is known in Buddhism as Buddha Nature. And this is true whether the imbalance arises on a physical level as an autoimmune problem, on an emotional level as a depression, on a mental level as an anxiety or on a spiritual level in something like a “dark night of the soul.”

Man of Peace Book Tour

Sacred Stream is happy to announce that it is sponsoring Robert A.F. Thurman’s Bay Area book tour for his new graphic novel, Man of Peace, which is a biography of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Dr. Thurman wrote this book in collaboration with William Meyers and Michael Burbank. This book is unique in that it captures all of the aspects of a very complex life in an accessible way.

Somatic Therapy & Depth Hypnosis with Isa Gucciardi

Isa Gucciardi and Laura Chandler discuss how Depth Hypnosis incorporates the principles of somatic therapy, working with the whole person; body, mind, and spirit. Using Eastern and Western understandings of healing, as well as Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychological perspectives, the somatic principles as used in Depth Hypnosis help clients access information held in the body to assist them in healing at a deeply transformational level. This interview takes place at the Sacred Stream Center in Berkeley, CA.

Dreams & Shamanic Practice in Depth Hypnosis

Isa Gucciardi and Laura Chandler discuss the overlap of dreams and the shamanic journey and how these can assist people in gaining deeper personal insight in the therapeutic modality of Depth Hypnosis. This interview takes place at the Sacred Stream Center in Berkeley, CA.