2017 Donors

We want to thank all of our generous donors who supported us throughout 2017. You inspire us and keep us going. And now, thanks to you, we started 2018 with funds for scholarships, the video archival project, and Sacred Stream Center maintenance. Many thanks again for your support!

Steward ($5000+)


Conservator ($3000 – $4999)


Guardian ($1500 – $2999)

Hal and Joanna Adler – Leadership Landing
Judah Pollack and Tara Schraga – Riverene

Docent ($500 – $1499)

Karen De Temple
Lori Goodman
Margaret Manlove
Wendyl Smith
Nancy Williams

Supporter ($100 – $499)

Harriet Blum
David Bullard
Victoria Dudas
Cynthia Edwards
Daphne Edwards
Renee Elizabeth
Joe Gebbia
Amy Johnson
Tim Jones
Lindsey Kampmeinert
Lisa Lightman
Stephanie Marisca
Mary Muehlbach
Marisa Pereira
Michaela Rahorst
Cindy Regnier
Edith Robinson
Katharine Rossi – Fireseed Center for Transformation
Erica Smigielski
Jan Amber Steward-Davis
Sharon Tangney
Carolyn Tague
Loraine Van Tuyl

Friend ($1 – $99)

Jennifer Anderson
Russell Bass
Alexis Cohen
Susan Friendson
Margarethe Lutz
Stephanie Needleman
Peter Ostrow
Nick Parsons
L. D. Pratt
Simone Sandy
Phoenix Song
Tamara Teichgraeber
Michelle Terpko
Helene Triangolo
Rachel Yellin

Your generous contributions helped us reach nearly 60% of our 2017 fundraising goal. It is a privilege to be walking the path of consciousness with you! Thank you for your support!

2017 Donations

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